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Before launching NovelMaker, our founders concluded that existing web sites for writers were not serving writers well.  Very few of these sites offered a true community for their members – to interact with each other through personal blogs and community message boards.

You can possibly put together four or six sites that collectively provide much of what we provide to you, but why go to a half-dozen sites to get what you want and realize your objectives on one site?  NovelMaker.com

NovelMaker is different, very different.

Writers can get all they want in one “stop” on the Internet at NovelMaker.com. NovelMaker was created to solve many of the problems writers face today, with features no other site provides in one place.

JOIN NOW!  The site is easy to navigate, and your own MyPlace page is a great venue through which to have online conversations with your friends and other writers and readers.  Browse our library of uploaded manuscripts, and you just might find a future best seller.  All you have to do is enter your name and a password.  That’s all there is to it and the fun begins and it won’t cost you a dime.

How do we Empower writers?

We provide unprecedented products and services to our member writers that are either free or inexpensive.


For writers:

free upload to the site of manuscripts, either partial or complete, where our members can rate, review and post comments

Self publishing, with the lowest prices available and extraordinary book quality.  Writers have the option to choose NovelMaker as their publisher, with above-standard royalties paid on books purchased in our bookstore, and automatic listing in the Amazon.com online catalogue

Unique “Agent Search” feature – find the agents looking for the kind of book you are writing.  Order an agent search and you receive a file you can use to perform a mail merge for multiple submissions

Customized “MyPlace” page with your own personal blog, pictures, profile, and more, with links to your manuscripts and bookstore books.  Unlike social networking sites, your “MyPlace” is not cluttered with advertising

Community Message Boards where users can join a discussion or create their own discussion topics

E-book version of each manuscript and bookstore book (coming soon)     

Links to other sites that provide useful information for writers


For readers

including agents and editors

Browse our library, which is categorized into 26 major genres

Rate, review and comment on writers’ works

Find the writer or manuscript you want to read through our online search feature at the top right of every page

Create your own MyPlace page with your own personal blog, pictures, profile, and more, uncluttered with advertising

Download e-book versions of unpublished manuscripts, and books.

Great New Reads

Random Access

Tina Broderick

Once Upon an Island

Wesley Hall


Rebecca Garrett


Challenges for Writers

Difficulty in exposing their partial or completed works to others for useful input and advice (let’s face it, friends and family are seldom candid when asked what they think of a writer’s manuscript).

Vanity Presses that charge a lot and provide little but promises

Self-publishing companies that charge high prices, often in the form of “package deals” with escalating prices for packages that include little of real value to the writer

The inability to find just the right agents to query.  There are sites with agent information, such as genres represented and submission requirements, but the process of sorting and filtering this information is tedious and time consuming

Personalized “space” where authors, readers, and friends can interact continuously through personal blogs and community message boards

“Contests” and other gimmicks that distract from the real needs and concerns of writers

We provide help for writers by making many of these challenges less daunting or by eliminating them entirely.  Please send us your suggestions and ideas for improving NovelMaker.com.  We strive to continuously improve the site with new features and services, and your input is important to us.